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Road Accidents Scenario in India

India is no.1 in road accidents among all countries. About 1.5 lakhs of people are killed in road accidents per year in India and there is a loss of Rs.75,000 crore , that includes compensation, asset loss, time and energy spent on police, hospital and court cases etc which is enough to feed 50% of the nation's malnourished children according to World Health Organization (WHO).

In order to reduce significant number of Road accidents and fatalities, R-SAFE was born at CHENNAI on 26th day of September,2014 by J.Krishnamoorthy (FOUNDER & AUTHOR OF THE TRUST) who is desirous of creating a Trust for Public, Social and Charitable purposes. R-SAFE is organizing, Awareness programmes for School/College Students, Employees/Executives of Corporate, Drivers of organized/Unorganized sectors, Seminars/Campaigns.

• To influence the School & College students with the message of safety on roads and recommend it to be included as part of the school and college curriculum and make it a nationwide movement.

• To mobilize and train youth from schools & colleges to spread awareness of road safety issues among public and transform them as vibrant volunteers of road users safety.

• To Create Road users safety club in all schools/ colleges for targeted intervention

• To organize cultural events and competitions emphasizing the message of safety on roads and spreading the message through various media.

• To create sensitization among the general public by involving them in rallies, human chain, drawing / quiz competitions, etc related to road safety covering all age groups.