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Road Accidents Scenario in India

India is no.1 in road accidents among all countries. About 1.5 lakhs of people are killed in road accidents per year in India and there is a loss of Rs.75,000 crore , that includes compensation, asset loss, time and energy spent on police, hospital and court cases etc which is enough to feed 50% of the nation's malnourished children according to World Health Organization (WHO).

In order to reduce significant number of Road accidents and fatalities, R-SAFE was born at CHENNAI on 26th day of September,2014 by J.Krishnamoorthy (FOUNDER & AUTHOR OF THE TRUST) who is desirous of creating a Trust for Public, Social and Charitable purposes. R-SAFE is organizing, Awareness programmes for School/College Students, Employees/Executives of Corporate, Drivers of organized/Unorganized sectors, Seminars/Campaigns.


Our Team

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Shri J.Krishnamoorthy,B.E,PGDRTM,FIE

Former Joint Director, The Institute of Road Transport, Chennai & Founder of R-SAFE NGO

Technical Assessor,NABL,Govt of India

Member-Global alliance of NGOs road Safety

Member International Road Victims Partnership

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Shri. A.Dasnavis Fernando,B.E,M.B.A

Director-Victoria Marine Pvt.Ltd

Former Director, Shipping Corporation of India, Mumbai

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Shri. R.Shanmugam,B.E,M.B.A

Director, Qualitree Consultants, Chennai.

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Shri. H.Vijayakumar,B.E,M.S,PGDBA,FABMS,FBAO

Director, Research Management

Chairman, Trumed Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.

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Shrimathi. Bhanu Suresh,M.A,M.B.A

Project Director-Concern, NGO Deaddiction Rehabilitation Centre, Chennai

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Dr.Valavan. Amudhan,B.E.,M.S., Phd.,

Global Public Transport Expert, Independent Director-MTC LTD. Chennai

Public Transport Expert, E-Mobility Expert

Member - Editorial Advisory Board, Urban Transport Infrastructure Magazine - India.

Honorary General Board Advisor CIAC, Global.